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Mathematics & Statistics Chair Announcement

Posted on Apr 15, 2015

CPES and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics welcomes Professor Julie Horrocks as the new Department Chair starting May 1st for a 5 year term.  

Please click here for the official announcement from CPES Dean Tony Vannelli.

10th annual Guelph Biomathematics and Biostatistics Symposium

Posted on Apr 14, 2015

The 10th annual Guelph Biomathematics and Biostatistics Symposium: "Descriptive and Predictive Methods in the Study of Communicable Diseases", will be held during May 5, 2015 at the University of Guelph (Pathobiology Building, Room PAHL 1800).

The symposium will consist of invited research talks and a poster session for graduate and undergraduate students, with a prize awarded for the best poster. For more information and registration, please click here.

Graduate Application Deadline

Posted on Oct 24, 2012

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics next entry point for ALL graduate programs (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) is September 2015. In order to receive full consideration for funding, applications should be received no later than February 8, 2015. You must apply online.

Interview schedules for Candidates for Chair - Mathematics & Statistics

Posted on Mar 5, 2015

The Chair Selection Committee met this morning to review the applicants for this position. The Committee would like to proceed and interview Julie Horrocks on Friday, March 13 and Hermann Eberl on Monday, March 16. Professor's Horrocks & Eberl have kindly agreed to be available for this day long process that includes public presentation (9:00 am Science Complex Room 1511), followed by questions and answers, meeting of Dean's Council, faculty, staff, students of the department and the Selection Committee. The agenda can be found here.


Guelph prof AIMS to help Africa add it all up

Posted on Mar 3, 2015

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In 2006, my mother took my then 13-year-old son Zack on safari in Kenya. Zack had always been fascinated by animals and wildlife, and what better place to experience nature first-hand than Africa.

On his return, we asked Zack what the most memorable part of his trip had been. Pondering he said, "I guess it was going from the worst kind of poverty I had ever seen, people literally lying in the street, hungry, tired, sick and poor. And then turning a corner and driving up the laneway to the Masai Mara Lodge – this amazingly extravagant five-star resort."

Although I have never been to Africa myself, this does seem to typify the continent in many ways: a region of extremes – from climate to culture, politics to standard of living.

Now, a University of Guelph professor is working to help Africans access the full power of new science-based technologies in order to address some of their countries' most pressing problems, and raise their overall standard of living. Dr. David Kribs, professor and University Research Chair in Quantum Information at the University of Guelph, has taken on the position of international academic advisor to the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS).

Click here for full article.


OCUFA honours Prof. Edward Carter with 2015 Lorimer Award

Posted on Feb 23, 2015

The Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) has recognized Prof. Edward Carter, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, with a 2015 Lorimer Award. The award recognizes individuals who have worked to protect and promote the interests of Ontario’s academic staff through collective bargaining.

“The 2015 winners of the Lorimer Award have gone above and beyond the call of duty to improve the working lives of Ontario’s faculty,” said Kate Lawson, president of OCUFA. “We are indebted to them for their hard work, resolve and dedication.”

The Lorimer Award was established in honour of Doug and Joyce Lorimer, who were instrumental in advancing faculty association collective bargaining in Ontario.

Carter received his award earlier this month at a ceremony in Toronto.

OCUFA represents 17,000 faculty and academic librarians in 28 faculty associations across Ontario.

The Matrix and the Mathematician

Posted on Jan 13, 2015

U of G PhD student proves 20-year-old math conjecture

Among your web of friends and acquaintances, you can probably keep track of who knows whom without resorting to complicated mathematics. But look at the millions of people on Facebook and other social networking sites, and you probably need all the math tools you can find to map out the myriad connections among them.


Helping to untangle the worlds-within-worlds connections that comprise social networks is among the potential benefits of Preeti Mohindru’s recently completed doctoral thesis at Guelph. She says her work in matrix theory might ultimately help software engineers and programmers in designing or improving sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In the process, Mohindru also accomplished something unusual for a PhD candidate: she proved a mathematical conjecture that had gone without a formal proof for two decades.

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Posted on Jun 5, 2014

Math & Stats programs at the University of Guelph have always "hit above their weight" -- we have small programs with lots of POP! -- and we have two more outstanding examples to add:


 We are delighted to congratulate Laura Thompson (2014 B.Sc. Applied Math & Stats Co-op) for being awarded the UoG's Governor General's Silver Medal, for top performance at the university by an undergraduate student!  Laura is also the recipient of the College of Physical and Engineering Science (CPES) Graduation Prize and has been named to the CPES Society of Excellence.


 We are also thrilled to congratulate Sarah Plosker (2013 Ph.D. Applied Math) for being awarded the UoG's Governor General's Gold Medal, for top performance at the university by a graduate student!  This creates a rare back-to-back program success, as Nathaniel Johnston (2012 Ph.D. Applied Math) received last year's Gold Medal!

See the "College news release".  

Distinguished Dissertation Awards

Posted on Jun 25, 2013

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Do your genes mark you out for cancer, heart disease or diabetes? How might corn farmers grow more crops without wasting pollution-causing nitrogen? How to figure out which consumers prefer multigrain or whole wheat bread? Sanjeena Dang received honourable mention. Ideas that might ultimately help to answer such real-life questions have earned top international honours for two young researchers in Guelph’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Jeff Andrews won this year’s Distinguished Dissertation Award from the Classification Society, and Sanjeena Dang received honourable mention. They will discuss their research in statistical models and model-based learning at the society’s annual conference in Milwaukee this month.
Both completed doctorates in 2012 with Prof. Paul McNicholas and are now post-docs in the department. “The awards are international recognition of the work we’re doing in classification,” says McNicholas.
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Grad student, Terence Attema, wins 30K Around the Bay Road Race

Posted on Mar 26, 2013

Terence Attema, a Math&Stats grad student and member of Guelph's Speed River Track & Field club, won the 30K Around the Bay Road Race. 

Attema, a 23-year-old who competes for Guelph’s Speed River Track and Field Club, captured the 30-kilometre event in one hour, 35 minutes, 44.1 seconds.

Check out the Guelph Mercury for the full article.


Online Video Tutorials are Popular with Students

Posted on Mar 20, 2013

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Original published in At Guelph on March 20, 2013
Teaching Innovation: Prof uses YouTube as a learning tool
By Susan Bubak

Need help finding the mean and variance of a continuous probability distribution? Check out Prof. Jeremy Balka’s YouTube channel, which he created to help teach his students about introductory math and statistics.

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